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About us:

Founder's with 10 years experience in performance marketing founded Revfresh in the notorious 2020. Our start-up survived those strange times so bringing new leads to you is a piece of cake for us.

With the open marketplace concept, we generate leads, help them convert, we share revenue, and create campaigns especially for you! Increase revenue and market share across all verticals. With a focus on Finance, CBD, travel and Co-living verticals we can deliver high-quality, measurable results that convert in more clients and thus growth for your business.

Located in Tallinn, Estonia with offices in Riga, Latvia and Frankfurt, Germany we have gathered a performing team and partners that are scattered all around the world.

Traffic type: Desktop, Mobile, Email, Social media, Search, Discount & SMS

Verticals: Travel, Finance, Insurance, Home, Health, Online Services, CBD.

Contact information:

For advertisers and publisher:

Phone: +371 24857777

Payment information:

Payout Frequency: monthly
Minimum payout amount: 50,00€

Office Address:

Grecinieku str. 8

Riga LV-1050


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