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Based on the part of the world where you reside or on your preferences you can set up different default settings for our CSV report exports. These settings allow you to download reports in the format you need to facilitate a smooth import in 3rd party software such as Excel.

To change the settings you can navigate to CUSTOMISATION via our side bar navigation and go to the DEFAULTS tab. There you can select the CSV delimiter and CSV decimal separator you would like to use:

CSV delimiter

This is the value used to separate the content of the CSV file into different columns. The available options are: Comma (,) Semi-colon (;) Pipe (|) and Tab

CSV decimal separator

This is the value used to separate the fractional part from the integer part of a decimal number. The available options are: Comma (,) and Dot (.)

Hint: if you are using Windows, you can find the default settings used by your computer via: system settings - date, time and region - change date time or number formats - formats - advanced settings - numbers

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