To start with the setup of your Provider account we need the following general information:


  • Brand name

  • Company name

  • Company type (commercial / private) and form

  • Company ID

  • VAT ID (if available)

Postal data:

  • Street name and number

  • Building name and number

  • ZIP code

  • City

  • Country

User information:

  • First and last name

  • E-mail

  • Phone (optinional)

  • Skype (optional)

Pricing information

The override and convert share agreed with the sales manager and stated in the IO.

Billing information

  • Recipient of the invoices - E-mail and name

  • Department

  • Billing address

  • Currency

  • Payment terms

With these general information we can set up your Provider account. The next steps of the network setup are the following:

Setting up your branding

Setting up default values

Setting up a Provider gateway

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