Adding new Ad Inventories
Learn how to add new Ad Inventories to your Publisher account
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If you want to promote Offers via more than one traffic channel, e.g. more than one website, you can create multiple Ad inventories in your Publisher account. By doing this you can make sure that a matching Ad inventory can be found by an Advertiser or Provider properly. Moreover it will help you to monitor the performance for each channel.

If you want to add an additional Ad inventory you can easily do this in the settings of your account:

Name* the Ad inventory and set up all information necessary in the empty fields and dropdowns. We highly recommend that the added information is as accurate as possible because Advertisers and Providers can filter for it when searching for suitable Ad inventories for their Offers.

*If you promote campaigns via Google or Social Media please do not use names like "Google" or "Facebook" for your Ad inventory. This will lead to confusions as you are not the owner of these Sites. Instead you can go for e.g. "Facebook traffic by Company name "

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