24 Jul 2019
Auto trades based on the sign up reference and more
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What's new? ✨

Automatic trades based on signup ref

Advertiser and providers can now create automatic trades that are only adding ad inventory that signed up with a specific sign up reference.

What's improved? 🛠

It is now also possible to get tracking links for product feeds and deals & vouchers directly from the offer > ads section.

Offer overview

It is now possible to filter the offer overview on offer status, account manager and sales manager

User interface branding

We added support for custom page titles for all account types. On top of that we now allow to save only gateway branding without setting up UI branding and vice versa. 

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that caused the provider filter in the publisher postback overview not to work.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the provider filter in the postback overview of all accounts to not return postbacks that are set up for "all offers"

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ad inventory selector in the tracking link generator to time out when an offer had a lot of connected ad inventory.

  • Fixed an issue with the SEPA customer ID that was wrongly set up

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of offers when a start data wasn't provided. Now the start date field is automatically loading today's date as default and is also made a required field.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented uploaded terms & conditions for an offer to be removed.

  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard where changing the currency did not automatically triggered a reload of the data.

  • Removed the confusing download icon from the bank account overview

  • Fixed an issue where the 1st party tracking script entrypoint location could not contain a URL query string.

  • Fixed an inconsistency between the override field between the Advertiser and Provider accounts.

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