20 Feb 2019
Source level bid optimizations for Command Center Marketplace Channels
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What's new? ✨

Source level bid optimizations (to be released Feb 28th)

It is now possible for Command Center to change bids on the source level for Marketplace Channels.

What's improved? 🛠

Command Center dropdowns

We added search, grouping and select all/clear all functions to dropdown components in Command Center, making it easier to find option items in large lists.

Publisher sign up

We added a link to a description on how our marketplace works in the modal that appears after publishers complete their sign up.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where some tags placed in our container tag were not de-hashed properly.

  • Fixed an issue where big product feeds were causing stability issues.

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to upload new logo's in the offer creator.

  • Fixed an issue with the performance report that caused some clicks to be excluded in the aggregates.

  • Fixed an issue where some edge case could cause the automatic transaction status changes that happen after changing a billing document status to fail.

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