3 Oct 2018
Custom VAT rates for advertisers and publishers
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What's new? ✨

Custom VAT rates

We added the ability to save a custom VAT rate for each advertiser and to set a 0% VAT for publishers. This makes our finance module compatible with more country specific regulations that provide exceptions on the default country VAT rates.

What's improved? 🛠

Rich media ads

We added support for full HTML files as rich media ads allowing email templates to be uploaded.

Ads CDN storage

We improved the way that banners and rich media HTML files are uploaded to our CDN. Preventing scaling issues in the future.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fix issue causing the default text link not to be created automatically when a new offer is created.

  • Removed the deeplink field from the rich media tracking URL modal.

  • Fix for missing bank logo in the emails that contain the billing documents

  • Fix for the issue where the payment terms on the automatically created billing documents was taken from the provider account instead of the advertiser/publisher

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