Setup and Integration

The setup and data integration process of the UA Command Center is easy.

For the initial setup you should provide the following information:

  • Apps (or products) you want to include in the UA Command Center optimizations
  • Channels you want to include in the UA Command Center optimizations
  • Your business goals (ROAS targets on the company level)
  • Your app goals (ROAS targets on the app level) (optional)
  • Data sources (usually your attribution partner)

You can find an overview of the integrated ad channels here:

Another important step during setup is the data integration. In general, there are two categories:

  • Live data integration
  • Historical data integration (optional)

The live integration is usually as simple as enabling the UA Command Center integration with your attribution partner. Although it´s optional, we highly recommend that you provide historical data as it allows us to start optimizing immediately and with more accuracy. 

You can find more information about data integrations here:

Kick Off

Once the setup and data integration is successful and validated, your Account Manager will give you access to the UA Command Center. In a kick off call, you'll receive a detailed walk-through of your UA Command Center dashboard as well as assistance with reviewing and approving your initial optimizations.

Ongoing Process and Optimizations

During the kick off your dedicated Account Manager will schedule weekly meetings with you. In these calls you'll have the opportunity to clarify open questions and get assistance with ongoing channel optimizations. Your Account Manager will also help you evaluate your KPIs to measure the impact that the UA Command Center is having on your business.

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