Click spamming
Learn how to detect and prevent click spamming from your sources.
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What is click spamming?

This is a type of fraud that usually shows abnormally low Conversion rates in mobile offers.

Another characteristics for click spamming traffic is an abnormally high percentage of installs with a very long click to install time. This fraud type basically is poaching organic traffic by executing "ad" clicks that users haven´t made. 

Usually if a real user is interested in the app they will install it within the first two hours after the click. That is why most client require at least 70% - 85% of the installs should have a click to conversion time of 2 hours or less. 

How to check for click spamming?

As a Publisher, you can check the performance of your sources for click spamming by logging into your Performance dashboard:  

In the above image, is a clear indication on how you can measure the click spamming installs and rates of your sources. And also if you need a detail report of per install then you can see that in the transaction report.

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