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Required offer set up information
Required offer set up information
Setting up an Offer for Advertiser
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To set up your Offer your account manager will need the following information:

  • Offer logo - high quality graphic JPG or PNG format with a transparent background

  • Offer description - information about your Offer/Product for the Publishers

  • Offer policy - conditions, which channels are not allowed and clear explanation of delivered leads, sales, clicks and installs

  • Offer ads - all kinds of creative types like banners, landing pages, mailing creatives, product feeds, rich media or voucher codes

  • Commission groups information - commission model, amounts / percentages and currency

  • Targeted countries - desired GEO for offer promotion

  • Targeted devices - optional

  • Deeplinking information - if deeplinking is enabled / disabled

  • Tracking expiration time - the period a transaction by a user can be allocated to the original click / view of the user

  • Max. validation period of your transactions - time you need to validate your transactions (approve / reject)

  • Default Target URLs / Target URL extension - like Google Analytic parameters etc.

  • 1st party tracking script / entrypoint location - only for 1st party cookie tracking


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