Please find below general explanations for each section of your Publisher account.


In your dashboard you can check your performance and updates in real time. The models for payouts, conversions, traffic and cashflow contain information about your commissions, transactions, clicks and status of your commissions.

In the top performers model you can check the best performing Advertisers and Offers your are connected to, in terms of conversions or payout:

Latest conversions and latest offers show you the latest transactions generated and latest Offers you´ve been connected to.

The top countries model is similar to top performers and allows you to check your top countries in terms of conversions or payout. 

By default all displayed numbers are for the current date, compared to the previous date. You can select the period and comparison period with the date selector.


Target Circle offers you four different report formats to check your performance: You can choose between Performance, Transactions, Clicks or Impression reports. A detailled guide how to use reports can be found here:


In your Marketplace you can find all Offers available and clicking on a Offer row will show you additional information such as: general, tracking and pricing information, available ads (that you can directly access by clicking), description of the Offer and its terms and conditions as well as the pricing. It also allows you to get your tracking links.

For additional information please check:


The Ads section contains all available ads for the Offers you are connected to. You can grab Banners, Text links, Product Feeds or Voucher and Deals. You can also add additional parameters to your links or generate deep links (if enabled).


If you need to have information about tracked transactions passed back to your platform you can set up postback URLs. You can add postbacks for all kind of transaction types and use them globally or on Offer level.


The Finance section shows you all issued credit notes for your account. You will receive a credit note for every payment. It contains information about the payment including: name of the Offer, billing period, quantity and amount. 

You can filter by document status or type, or use the searchbox to look up a Credit Note:


Set up your busines (Account) and User information. Add your traffic channel information via Ad inventory and provide your Payout and Billing details. With Preferences you can set your default values for reports:

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