To monitor your Offer(s) properly we provide you with a substantial report section. You can choose between four kinds of Reports:

  • Performance - cumulated reports on different various campaign level parameters such as advertises, roffers, source ids etc.
  • Transactions - report with most granular information for every single transaction and transaction type
  • Clicks - report with most granular information for every click
  • Impressions - report with most granular information for impression

In all reports you can set various filters, select the period with the date picker and choose the currency:

By using + you can customize your reports and display additional information or hide columns you donĀ“t need.

Once all information you need is displayed you can set these columns to default so every time you load a report the selected columns will appear.

If you want to download a report please use the download button on the top right of the page and select "Download as CSV" in the modal that will occur.

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