We are continuously working on new features to improve our software. This article provides insights on what we are working on at the moment so you know what's coming. It will be updated after each release. However, not all features are necessarily part of the next release. This list shows work in progress after all.

Customizable account lists

We are making the provider account lists customizable. This means you will be able to add and save columns as in the transaction report. Also we are adding more filters.

Conversion path attribution

We're working on conversion path attribution which would make it possible to reward multiple touch points on the conversion path based on several models.

New Advertiser & Publisher Dashboard

We're working on a completely new version of the publisher dashboard. It will show more relevant information: all KPI's at a glance, Cash flow insights, Account completion steps, New and recommended marketplace offers.

Navigation restructure

We're restructuring some parts of the navigation to make the software more intuitive and easier to use.


  • Fix an issue that causes trades with a price for Rest of the World not to show up when the publisher marketplace is filtered for certain countries.
  • Fix an issue where the transaction history some times isn't properly loaded.
  • Fix an issue where the buttons on the sign in and sign up pages are not using the branded colors.

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