We are continuously working on new features to improve our software. This article provides insights on what we are working on at the moment so you know what's coming. It will be updated after each release. However, not all features are necessarily part of the next release. This list shows work in progress after all.

The next release is scheduled for: 20 March 2019.

Voucher & Deal ads

We are adding Voucher & Deal ads. It will be possible for advertiser to create these ads and for publisher to retrieve them in their own interface.

In-active offers/accounts in the filters

We are adding in-active offers and accounts (publisher and advertiser) to the filters.

Sub source ID parameter

We are adding a sub source ID parameter for our tracking links.

New UI for UA CC optimizations page

We are working on a complete overhaul of the optimizations (currently "Review") section of the UA Command Center that makes is much easier to understand the impact of the optimizations we are proposing.

Investigating zero-downtime deployments

We are investigating the possibility for zero-downtime deployments of our Whitelabel product.


  • Stability fix for product feeds
  • Fix for issue that some times causes price segment recalculations to time out
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