We are continuously working on new features to improve our software. This article provides insights on what we are working on at the moment so you know what's coming. It will be updated after each release. However, not all features are necessarily part of the next release. This list shows work in progress after all.

The next release is scheduled for: 23 Jan 2019.

TC Marketplace channel integration

We are integrating the TC Marketplace as a channel in the new UA Command Center product. This will allow mobile advertisers to automatically apply the AI driven optimization suggestions from the UA Command Center.

Speed up automatic billing document creation

Now more and more providers start using our finance automation, we notice the creation process takes too much time. We are investigating way to speed this up.

Improve performance report and dashboard stability

We are working on a permanent solution to prevent the dashboard and performance report to show inflated numbers.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the filters and pagination on the Product Feeds page in the publisher interface
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