We are continuously working on new features to improve our software. This article provides insights on what we are working on at the moment so you know what's coming. It will be updated after each release. However, not all features are necessarily part of the next release. This list shows work in progress after all.

The next release is scheduled for:  26 Feb 2020.

New offer digest email

We're working on connecting all touch points of a conversion and making the whole conversion path visible in the transaction report. This is the first step towards more advanced attribution models.

SameSite support for our 3rd party cookies

Browsers are now adapting new cookie policies that require us to specifically specify when cookie data should be sent with requests. This update will ensure that our 3rd party tracking will keep working as good as it can. It is however highly recommended to update to our 1st party tracking to avoid any compatibility issues in the future. Another important note is that all request to our transaction endpoint (p.trackmytarget.com) should be done over HTTPS. After these browser updates HTTP request will no longer sent any 3rd party cookie data.

Improved speed of the publisher Marketplace

We are working on increasing the loading speed of the publisher Marketplace to make it easier to browse offers. 


  • Fix an issue where from time to time positions on a credit note are not automatically added.
  • Fix an issue where billing documents aren't always properly saved in status "Sent".
  • Fix an issue that prevents saved default values for filters to appear in the filter boxes even though they are still applied.
  • Fix an issue that prevents users to download or filter recipient lists of trades with many recipients.
  • Fix an issue with product feed in case there is an empty line at the start of a CSV file.

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