Our container tag makes it easy to implement our Convert add-on and Publisher tags on your website in minutes. Each Offer has a unique container tag that, once implemented, takes care of all the technical hassle of implementing tags.

The installation is as quick and easy as adding one snippet of code to the website connected to your Offer. The code should be placed on every page of your website right after the <body>  opening tag. You can grab the code here:

<script src="//t.trackmytarget.com/{account_sid}/{offer_sid}" async> </script>

Before you place the code on your website, you should replace all the parameter values in the curly brackets {}.


  • {account_sid} ¬†required
    Replace with 6 character sID of your account. You get this value from your account manager.
  • {offer_sid} ¬†required
    Replace with 6 character sID of the Offer. You can find this value in Offer list of the marketplace or ask your account manager.
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