We are continuously working on new features to improve our software. This article provides insights on what we are working on at the moment so you know what's coming. It will be updated after each release. However, not all features are necessarily part of the next release. This list shows work in progress after all.

The next release is scheduled for:  26 Jun 2019.

SEPA export file

Square users will have the ability to select Self-Billing documents and export those to an XML file that follows the SEPA standard. This will make it very easy to upload the publisher payments to the bank. Support for other providers is following later.

Interface & gateway branding for Publishers

We are adding the ability for Publishers to brand their interface in a similar way as providers and advertisers are already able to do.

Automatic trades based on signup reference 

We are extending the automatic trade visibility settings so that advertisers and providers can set up automatic trades that will connect ad inventory that match the provided sign up reference.

Automatic trades based on Vertical, Catergory and Reach (country)

As a next step to extending the automatic trade visibility, we will allow advertiser and providers to only connect ad inventory that match the provided vertical, category or reach.


  • Add missing columns to the CSV download file of the performance report
  • Fix for CSV download of the reports in the publisher interface
  • Fix so that the state of the "Custom target URL" switch will be remembered when editing a banner.
  • Show the correct data in the EPM and EPC columns in the performance report

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